Full-Stack Developer

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Jun 8, 2021 11:11 AM
Remote 🌐

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About Alts Digital

We are a fast-growing and results-driven company that acquires new customers for leading brands in the iGaming and financial industries. Although we’re based in Portugal, we’re 100% remote.

SEO is at our core and we are relentless: we take our websites to the top of the SERPs for all the best — and, often, challenging — keywords.

Our focus is on the users. We strive to simplify complex subjects and can give users what they’re looking for. How? Through data analysis, carefully crafted content, and seamless user experience.

💥 Why we are different?

  • We are not your conventional SEO agency. We work for our products and for our products only.
  • We strive to improve our products and never stop innovating. By caring & loving our products we get a personal bond with them, we don’t build things to forget about them.
  • We don’t force people into overtime because some client decided he needs the job done by tomorrow. We are our own clients, we respect your personal time, and feel like a rested developer is a productive developer. We measure results, not hours.
  • We apply CI & CD to our products but also to you. We encourage you to never stop learning and bring what you learned to the table, we already have cheesecake on the table, bring some ice cream instead, just with that we are capable to keep making even more amazing things. You stop you die.
  • We don’t stall or get afraid of getting our hands dirty just because the “Product is working”. So what? We landed on the moon in 1969 with old technology and we didn’t stop there. Help us get to mars now!
  • We value your critical thinking. We believe that you are more than if, then, else & while!

👍 Your responsibilities

  • Apply your skills in coding by making all our websites Google Friendly.
  • Implement new features in our existing websites & devise proper technical solutions for them.
  • Keep up with new technological trends, present ideas for new implementations, any ideas to improve our current systems (or processes) will always be looked at.
  • Troubleshoot, detect and evaluate issues.
  • Devise appropriate solutions for new products within the existing constraints, and execute those solutions.

🧠 Your attitude & background

  • 3+ years working with Web Development (lower experience can also be considered)
  • Strong proficiency in HTML, jQuery, and CSS
  • Strong understanding of PHP back-end development
  • Knowledge of how to interact with RESTful APIs and formats (JSON, XML)
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial)
  • Experience with SASS & Bootstrap (Or any other CSS Framework).
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills but also the ability to work alone.
  • Knowledge of technical SEO is a plus!
  • Any additional experience with React/Angular is also a plus!

🎁 Benefits You’ll Receive:

  • 100% remote startup environment with all its ups and downs. Mostly ups.
  • Salary: up to €40k per year, depending on your skill level, experience and location.
  • Working 100% remotely, with a flexible schedule. We measure results, not hours.
  • Workation — a mix of work and vacation. Once a year, we find a cool place to work and have fun together.
  • 1.000€ / year - financial support in other areas of your life, e.g., professional development.
  • We offer a 100€ monthly voucher to use in co-working spaces. Working remotely doesn’t have to mean working from home every day.

Do you have proven work? Are you ready to both lead and learn?

Is working 100% remotely with a flexible schedule, with highly set goals and result-driven outcomes an exciting proposal?

Are you fueled by a drive to grow professionally alongside your peers, in an environment that rewards you along the way?

👉🏽Join us!